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A sample of dusts for which Griffin has designed dust collectors


ABS powder Glass beads
ABS pellets Gold
Alumina hydrate Granite dust
Alumina hydrate Green coffee bean dust
Aluminum Gypsum
Arsenic dust Highway paint striping
Blood meal Ice cream cone dust
Bone char Kaolin clay
Brass Laser metal fume 
Brick dust Lime 
Bromine Maalox
Bronze Paint spray
Carbon black Paper dust 
Carbon PVC pellets
Cement Railroad rail grinding
Ceramic powder Refuse incineration
Chocolate  Rock salt
Coal dust Sand
Cocoa shells Sawdust
Coke Silicon dioxide
Concrete Sludge incineration
Corn gluten Sodium bicarbonate
Corn cob Spices 
Crematory ash Starch
Denuded rubber Steel
Detergent powder Sugar
Ferric sulfite Talc
Flour Tin
Fly ash Wood bark
Glass fiber Zinc oxide




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