Pharmaceutical Dust Collection Technology

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A major concern for pharmaceutical facilities is the safe, efficient collection of fine dust generated at various manufacturing stages. This is most important for very fine sub-micron dusts and powders which pose a health threat to employees as well as cross contamination issues for high purity products.  Griffin Filters’ Dust Collectors are designed to efficiently collect particulate materials from any dry process. 

Process Areas Include:






At Griffin we have a “no one size fits all” philosophy—only the best design and filter media for your application.

High Entry Baghouse for Pharmaceudical Industry   Down-flow cartridge collector for pharma industry Horizontal cartridge dust collector for pharma industry 

Depending on your requirements, our collector design solutions include:

High entry, cross flow inlet: Our Jet Pulse Collector Series for solids processing and product recovery minimizes upward airflow, thereby reducing the re-entrainment of the particulate matter. Collectors can be built as stand-alone units or as a modular construction for unlimited airflow. Available in square, rectangular or cylindrical configurations.

True down-flow designVect-Aire Cartridge Collectors provide high performance, greater filter efficiency and minimal pressure drop in a compact package. From top entry to discharge, dust always travels downward between vertical filters. Light dust particles collect on outer cartridge surfaces while heavier particles continue downward to hopper. Vertical filters are uniformly effective over the entire surface.  Exclusive Exi-jet pulse/venturi system design provides for ultra efficient filter cleaning. Dust laden airflow entering at the top of the collector won’t disturb dust already settled in the hopper.

Horizontal Load Cartridge: The Phoenix Series Horizontal Load Cartridge Collectors provides an economical solution for dust and product recovery. Requiring no cages, the collectors use fewer filters and have greater efficiency.  They also have a smaller footprint than other units of comparable air flow. Exclusive Exi-jet pulse/venturi system design provides for ultra efficient filter cleaning.  These pulse jet units provide continuous filtration for extended periods.  And without internal moving parts, maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Filter Media options can include:

High efficiency filters – Capture Efficiency up to 99.99%.
Special filter membranes  – For surface filtration, static dissipation and effective pore openings down to 0.5 micron.
Filter media treatments – for enhanced product release lower pressure drop and longer filter life.

For additional information, see our filter treatments page.

Special Design Considerations include:

Bag In/ Bag Out
Clean in place
Wash-down Capability
304/316 Stainless Steel Construction

Polished Finishes
HEPA Filtration
Fire/XP/Deflagration Suppression  
PLC Monitoring/ interface



For complete systems, Griffin works with a network of engineering firms, industrial ventilation fabricators and contractors.


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