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Spare Parts - Pulse Jet Collectors

Better Products for Better Dust Collection Performance

We have an extensive selection of diaphragm valves, solenoid valves, timer boards and many other components for pulse jet dust collectors. Many items are in stock, so they can usually ship within 24 hours! buy now button

Goyen Diaphragm ValveGoyen Solenoid Valve RCA3D
Circuit Timer Boards for Jet Pulse TimingValves and Parts for the Header Assembly


Diaphragm Valves

3/4" Inlet/Outlet

DescriptionPart No.
3/4" Diaphragm Valve – Old Style 750-RCA-20TDV
3/4" Diaphragm Valve – New Style 750-RCA-20DDV
3/4" Diaphragm Repair Kit 750-M1204DRK

3/4" Repair Kits

DescriptionPart No.
3/4" 20DDV Seal Kit 750-M1756
3/4" Millenium Diaphragm Valve 750-RCAC20DD300
M1183 Diaphragm Repair Kit (RCA25T) 750-M1183DRK
3/4" Millenium RCAC20DD300 Diaphragm Repair Kit 750-K2016DVRK

1-1/2" Inlet/Outlet

DescriptionPart No.
1 1/2" Diaphragm Valve – Old Style 750-RCA40DDV
1 1/2" Diaphragm Valve – Newest 750-RCA45DD2

1-1/2" Repair Kits

DescriptionPart No.
1 1/2" Repair Kit for RCA 45DD2 750-M2162DRK
1 1/2" Diaphragm Repair Kit 750-M1182
1 1/2" 40DDV Seal Kit 750-M1803



Solenoid Valves

DescriptionPart No.
Solenoid Valve (NEMA 4) 750-RCA3DSV
Solenoid Valve Repair Kit (NEMA 4) 750-M1131BSRK
Solenoid Repair Kit (NEMA 7&9) 750-M735SRK
MCO-110/127 Vac Sol Valve 750-MCO-110



Circuit Timer Boards

DescriptionPart No.
6 Circuit A-10 Timer Board 900-T1366-500
10 Circuit A-10 Timer Board 900-T1353-010
20 Circuit A-10 Timer Board 900-T1354-010
32 Circuit A-10 Timer Board 900-T2032-A10



Header Assembly Parts

DescriptionPart No.
3/4" Coupling Rubber Gasket, Style 65 750-S65RG
3/4" Coupling Retaining Ring, Style 65 750-S65RR
3/4" Coupling Hi Temp Gasket, Style 65 750-S65AG
3/4" Coupling Nut, Style 65 750-S65N
1 1/2" Coupling Rubber Gasket, Style 65 750-S65RG1
1 1/2" Coupling Retaining Ring, Style 65 750-S65RR1
1 1/2" Coupling Hi Temp Gasket, Style 65 750-S65AG1
1 1/2" Coupling Nut, Style 65 750-S65N1
1 1/2" Style 65 Long Cplg. Complete 750-S65112LC
3" Coupling w/Gasket, Style 38 750-S383LPC
6" Coupling w/Gasket, Style 38 750-S386LPC




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