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Miscellaneous Parts

Better products for a better dust collection performance.

We offer many flexhose sizes along with the cylinders and pins required for Griffin's drive-thru truckhoods. Many items are in stock, so they can usually ship within 24 hours!



Part Number
6" Flexhose (5' length)  450-6FXH
8" Flexhose (10' length)  450-8FXH
10" Flexhose (10' length)  450-10FXH
12" Flexhose (10' length)  450-12FXH
14" Flexhose (10' length)  450-14FXH
18" Flexhose (5' length)  450-18FXH

Truck Hood Parts

Part Number
Advance 2 1/2" Cylinder Kit  950-B490DCK
Cylinder Clevis/Pin  950-BCMP490
Eye Mount  950-BEM625
Pin and Clip  950-BP625
Rod Clevis  950-BRC751
4 Way VERSA Valve  950-M4WSV
ABC Repair Kit Parker 2-1/2 Air Cylinder          Part# B490-BC Repair  950-ABC

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