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Dust Collection Systems

Industrial Dust Collector

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Pulse Jet Dust Collectors

Pulse Jet Dust Collectors

It's no wonder pulse jet dust collectors are our bestsellers: they provide the efficiency, durability and versatility needed to optimize numerous dust collection applications. With a variety of models and options, Griffin ensures we provide the dust collector you need.

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Cartridge Collectors

Cartridge Collectors

Cartridges allow greater filter area in a smaller package. This allows Griffin to design versatile and dependable cartridge collectors for companies requiring smaller, more efficient units for their operation.

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Industrial Silo Filter Vents are used to vent silos into which material is conveyed. As the material fills the silo, it displaces air, which must be vented without loss of product. Product collected on the filter bags is returned to the silo by shaking the bags after filling has been…
Efficiency & Economy in a compact package Designed to maximize efficiency while minimizing maintenance, Griffin’s Cartridge Silo Filter Vents are a compact solution for a wide-range of dust collection applications. Our ultra-efficient cartridges capture 99+% particulate emissions down to 1 micron from the silo while our powerful pulse jet system…
Batcher Filter Vents are used to filter and release the displaced air caused by product filling the weigh hopper. The filtered product is then returned to the weigh hopper by gravity through the action of the shaking bags. Both Natural Vented and Blower Assisted models are available.
Clean-A-Batch Systems provide turnkey dust collection solutions for concrete batch plants. Griffin Filters offers numerous models within the Clean-A-Batch system capable of providing dust free operation for your batch plant. Whether your needs are for Transit Mix (dry), Central Mix (wet) or Combination; whether it is high or low production;…
An Innovative Debagging Station to Save Time and Money for Users of Powder and Bulk Solids If you use powders or bulk solids in your operation, Griffin Filters' Dustless Debagger can save you time and money while keeping your air clean. This self-contained unit is both a fast, efficient debagging…

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