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Cartridge Collectors

Cartridges allow greater filter area in a smaller package. This allows Griffin to design versatile and dependable cartridge collectors for companies requiring smaller, more efficient units for their operation.

Easy to install, operate, and maintain, Griffin’s PHEONIX-Series Horizontal Load Cartridge collectors are an economical solution for dust and product recovery applications. With convenient side filter removal and greater filter efficiency, the Pheonix-Series Cartridge Collector makes an economical solution for indoor installations with low overhead clearance. The Pheonix series is…
Griffin’s Top Load Cartridge Collectors bring efficiency and economy to dust collection. Designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance, Griffin’s TLC series is a flexible answer to a variety dust collection and product recovery concerns. These pulse jet filter vents provide continuous fabric filtration for extended periods. And without internal moving…
This is performance and reliability in a compact package that fits anywhere. But installation flexibility isn't the only benefit of Griffin's cartridge collectors. They also deliver high filtration efficiency with minimal pressure drop. And with true down flow operation and vertically mounted filters, there is less dust re-entrainment. As a…

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