Case Studies - Industrial Dust Collection Systems

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Case Studies

To learn more about how Griffin solves unique challenges and to find details about some of our recent projects, take a look at the links below:


Increased-asphalt-production-thumbIncreased Asphalt Production: The Value of A Griffin Baghouse

Griffin baghouse helps increase production 33%



nova-high-temperature-baghouse-thumbGriffin's Nova Star: Pulse Jet Collector for Hot Gases at 1000 °F

Griffin's Nova solves high-temperature dust collection needs




Successfully Filtering Sub-Micron Dust: Griffin Shaker Solves a Tricky Problem

Effective design solves a sub-micron dust problem



enviro-pleat-thumbEnviro-pleat: Using Minimal Space to Solve Big Dust Problems

Griffin's pleated filters efficiently collect dust in limited space



griffin-aire-thumbGriffin-Aire: Self Cleaning & No Moving Parts!

A Griffin solution for sawdust and shavings saves time and maintenance costs. 



bringing-down-cost-CV-30-L-thumbBringing Down Operational Costs

Cylindrical Filter replaces a competitor's model and reduces maintenance Costs



jet-aire-thumbJet-Aire, Griffin's Workhorse

Large Custom Collector Designed for Small Spaces




Titanium Billet Grinding Operation

Griffin design helps a company meet the demands of thier titanium billet grinding operation



20140114-jet-air-dust-collector-calciner-thumbClay Calciner Operation

Griffin designs a 5 module system to meet the demands of a rotary kiln operation. 


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