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Tuesday, 17 March 2015 08:38

Cartridge Silo Vents

Efficiency & Economy in a compact package

Designed to maximize efficiency while minimizing maintenance, Griffin’s Cartridge Silo Filter Vents are a compact solution for a wide-range of dust collection applications. Our ultra-efficient cartridges capture 99+% particulate emissions down to 1 micron from the silo while our powerful pulse jet system keeps the filters performing at their best. And without any internal moving parts, maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Like all of our dust collection systems, these units are built to be exceptionally rugged and ready to stand up to heavy-duty use. With a wide range of options, they'll bring you the flexibility to meet your application needs.

Save time with simpler filter change-outs

Simply loosen two swing-bolts, swing the roof up and away, loosen the hold-downs and replace the cartridges.

Flexible designs to meet the toughest conditions

Our standard Cartridge Silo Vents are designed with external pulse components (left), be we also manufacture units with internal components (right) when weather related corrosion is a factor. This means ultimate flexibility no matter where your silo is located.

Automatic Overfill Control System

The Griffin Overfill Control System, consisting of a closing valve, limit switch and control panel, completely automates silo filling and venting while preventing overfill and resulting damage. It is designed to operate on any pneumatic silo filling system with any number of fill pipes. If the high bin signal is clear when the trucker connects his hose to the fill pipe, the butterfly valve will open and the silo will accept material. When the high bin indicator is activated, an alarm will sound telling the trucker to stop his unloading operation. In 90 seconds the butterfly valve will close, sealing off the fill pipe and making it impossible for the trucker to continue pumping in material. The bags in the dust collection system will then automatically shake.

Options & Accessories

  • Fans: available as required. Suitable for grade level or side mounting on collector.
  • Hopper: Barrel hopper assembly, standard 60 degree slope with flanged discharge and support legs.
  • Filter Media & Finishes: Griffin offers state-of-the-art filter media and finishes to ensure optimal efficiency for your collector.
  • Automatic Overfill Control: Bin level indicator, pressure safety valve and alarm bell.
Tuesday, 03 March 2015 20:46

Batcher Filter Vents

Batcher Filter Vents are used to filter and release the displaced air caused by product filling the weigh hopper. The filtered product is then returned to the weigh hopper by gravity through the action of the shaking bags. Both Natural Vented and Blower Assisted models are available.

Supplies for dust collector Batcher Vent


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