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Tuesday, 03 March 2015 20:07

Top Load Cartridge Collectors

Griffin’s Top Load Cartridge Collectors bring efficiency and economy to dust collection. Designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance, Griffin’s TLC series is a flexible answer to a variety dust collection and product recovery concerns. These pulse jet filter vents provide continuous fabric filtration for extended periods. And without internal moving parts, maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Like all of our dust collection systems, these units are built to be exceptionally rugged and ready to stand up to heavy-duty use. With a wide range of options, they'll bring you the flexibility to meet your application needs.

If our standard models and options don't meet your needs, we'll design a collector that will. 

Design Features

  • Housing: Continuously welded Hot Rolled Steel (HRS)
  • Filter Area: 234ft² – 555ft²
  • Pressure: standard design for +/-20”W.G.
  • Standard Cartridges: 12-3/4” diameter x 30” tall

Efficient Performance

Less Downtime
Pulse technology allows continuous filtration over extended periods.

Balanced Design
The header pipe acts as a counter-weight to assist opening access hatch


Minimal Maintenance
Without internal moving parts, maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Maintenance Friendly Design
Units designed for faster and easier cartridge replacement: simply remove the swing-bolts, open the roof, loosen the hold-downs, and replace the cartridges.

Design Features

  • Four standard models available, all with a hinged top access door for cartridge removal
  • 12-3/4" Dia. x 30" Cartridges with 80/20 cellulose polyester or spun bond polyester media (other sizes and media also available)
  • Standard units designed for -20" W.G.
  • Housing constructed of continuously welded HRS
  • Control panel in NEMA 12 4 enclosure standard for all TLC models-shipped loose for field mounting
  • Magnehelic gauge with mounting bracket shipped loose


  • Fans – available as required, suitable for grade level or side mounting on collector
  • Barrel hopper assembly – standard 60 degree slope with flanged discharge and support legs
  • Other accessories – elevated walkway, railing, ladder, slide gate, rotary air lock, insulation, companion flange, bird screening, roof adapter
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