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Dust Collector Maintenance Schedule

Daily Maintenance Checks

  1. Monitor gas flow and dust collection pick-up point(s); make sure dust is removed as needed.  Ensure there is adequate flow and dust is being removed.
  2. Monitor discharge system (airlock, rotary gate, hopper high limit switch, etc.); make sure dust is removed as needed.
  3. Walk around baghouse to check for normal or abnormal visual and audible conditions.
  4. Observe stack outlet visually or with a continuous monitor (opacity meter, broken bag detector, etc.).
  5. Check pressure drop.
  6. Monitor cleaning cycle, pilot lights, or meters on control panel.
  7. Check compressed air on pulse-jet baghouses.

Weekly Maintenance Checks

  1. Check all moving parts on the discharge system including screw-conveyor bearings.
  2. Check damper operation; bypass, isolation, etc.
  3. Check compressed air lines including filters.
  4. Verify temperature-indicating equipment.
  5. Check bag-cleaning sequence to see that all valves are seating properly.
  6. Check drive components on fan.

Monthly Maintenance Checks

  1. Spot check bag-seating condition.
  2. Spot check for bag leaks and holes.
  3. Spot check bag tensioning for reverse-air and shaker bags.
  4. Check all moving parts on shaker baghouses.
  5. Check fan for corrosion and blade wear.
  6. Check all hoses and clamps.
  7. Inspect baghouse housing for corrosion (inside and out).
  8. Check gas flow rate.  Ensure it is correct (pitot tube, thermal flow meter, etc.).

Quarterly Maintenance Checks

  1. Thoroughly inspect bags.
  2. Check duct for dust buildup.
  3. Observe damper valves for proper seating.
  4. Check gaskets on all doors.
  5. Calibrate opacity monitor.

Semi Annual and Annual Maintenance Checks

  1. Check all welds and bolts.
  2. Check hopper for wear.
  3. Inspect inlet baffle plate for wear.
  4. Replace high-wear parts on cleaning system.
  5. Inspect paint on baghouse.

Baseline System Operation - Take Measurements – Keep Notes

Know The Normal Operation Parameters of Your System

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Adapted from: Reigel and Applewhite 1980; McKenna and Greiner 1982.


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